Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra: Gentle Yoga promoting spiritual connection through meditative postures, with different levels of intensity, stretching, breathing exercises and Yoga Nidra. All level practitioners.

Hatha Yoga and Meditation: Gentle Yoga promoting spiritual connection through meditative postures, with different levels of intensity, stretching, breathing exercises and meditation. All level practitioners.

Power Yoga: Coming from the dynamic Ashtanga Yoga with intense postures in dynamic flow, promotes physical stability and strength, releasing tension and toxins, promoting cardiac function and burning calories. Clear, easy and efficient, it is an intermediate level, you should bring some yoga experience and be fit. 

Kidding Around Yoga - Fun4Kids: Learning by playing is the best way, so Kidding Around Yoga classes combine games, stories, music and a lot of fun. Children are a part of this fast paced world, between pressure from the school, from the parents, from the friends, extracurricular and from society itself. Expectations wear off the joy, the positive energy and the childs inner peace, creating stress on a daily basis. Yoga, Meditation and Breath help reduce the stress, promoting peacefulness, contentment, security and acceptance, the principles of Yoga teach children compassion, sharing, kindness and understanding not only for other but also for themselves, improving aswell  the attention and concentration, aiding in the scholastic life.
From 4 to 10 years old. In these classes will be using a lot of

didactic material in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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Pilates Mat: Developed by Joseph Pilates a the beginning of the XX century to aid soldiers with war injuries in their recovery. Used by dancers, swimmers and other athletes, Pilates Mat consists in stretching and strengthening exercises with special focus on the core, pelvis floor, spine and abdomen. Promotes control, concentration, balance, elasticity, strengthening and toning the muscles and improving posture through smooth movements, working mostly with body weight. All levels.

Yoga Nidra: Technic to achieve mental emptiness. Presents the person with deep calm, quietude and clarity. Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest meditations, bringing the practitioner into a state of alert, tranquility and introspection through several mental processes. Called the sleep of the Yogi, is a state of conscious deep sleep, passing through the phase of falling asleep through the dram phase, into the deep sleep phase whilst staying totally aware and awake. To achieve this state of silence and peacefulness, Yoga Nidra takes the practitioner towards a path where he learns and conquers progressively the ability of emptying. Through methods of visualization and physical and mental relaxation, directing the mind and the focus towards the within preparing the practitioner to achieve the conscious deep sleep state without any imaginary, emptying and ceasing completely all mental activity. This process is the real final intent of the Yoga Nidra.

Meditation: One of the most efficient alternative therapy method, a body, soul and spirit medicine, is a simple and safe method of physical, emotional and mental alignment. This process leads to a progressive deepening of the connection with the self (Purusha) and when properly practiced guides the person to realization and even into salvation. With the accelerating pace of modern times, agitated and demanding, many of us get stressed, tired and burned out from work and responsibilities, manifesting the discontentment through anger, frustration, depression and mental illness. By reserving 10 to 15 minutes a day, meditation can change our consequent daily routine influence, transforming the mind and emotions from negative to positive, from depression into releave, from restlessness into quietness and from fear into happiness.

Your room for personal growth

The vision behind the Studio is promoting the unity and harmony between the body and the spirit of the individual, as well as giving people a place where they can connect to others.

By exploring our personal, physical and spiritual capabilities, we learn to acknowledge our potentials and therefor how to face each situation with more clarity as we grow. By creating a connection with our environment and the people around us, by knowing our place and being engaged with it, we built a better personal identification thus becoming easier to create the roots and inner stability needed for the personal, material and spiritual development . 

Starting with Yoga and Pilates classes, the purpose of the Studio is to progressively add several activities and therapies more, in a collaboration between therapists, teachers and co-workers.  

If you are in search of a place to practice, therapies, courses, seminars or other activities, don't hesitate in contacting us through the Form.