This room intents to present a general overview of the activities and services that we offer, as so, growing and expanding as we grow and expand our range of themes, classes, therapies and subjects. Stay tuned and informed about the new activities and opportunities. power4more wishes all a fruitful life full of achievements, aiming therefor to enable each the access to our available activities and therapies, which we find so important for the mental, physic and spiritual balance. Let us cultivate and expand our capabilities in a way, so we can have energy, will and power for more.


Saturday 14th of September from 5pm
schedule a relaxed evening with a Yoga Vinyasa session and a delicious healthy dinner.

Coimbo 20€ includes:

5pm - Yoga Vinyasa 75 min.

from 7 pm - Dinner at Veggie Café
-Main Course
Drink (Tea or Detox)
A break to breath and enjoy the good things in life!

Surrender to the Elements..
..Yoga to the sound of the waves!

Learning by playing is the best way, so Kidding Around Yoga classes combine games, stories, music and a lot of fun. From 4 to 10 years old.

Registration under:
00351 932 713 777